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Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers has continued to remain amongst the top of my favorite movies of 2013. With the euphoric music, psychedelic cinematography and, quite simply, the pretty colors, it’s hard to watch Spring Breakers and not feel the desire to drench yourself in neons. In honor of its DVD release, I’ve put together some of my favorite simple neon looks.


Neon shirts are a great way to make the ultimate bright statement. This casual Forever 21 blue neon tank is the perfect amount of color, and I usually pair it with black jeans to make the shirt really pop.


If you’re looking to add a smaller amount of color to your look, try a neon nail. Go with an all-over bright  color, a fun design or even just the tips, and you’ve got a radiant summery look on your hands, pun intended.


Want to make the color really pop? Try a vivid and bold shoe. One of my favorite outfit combinations is an all-black shirt-and-jeans look with a super colorful heel or wedge. It adds a subtle amount of spice to your outfit and makes you feel sleek yet bold while you’re rocking it.

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